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This is a letter of recommendation for Nicolaus Rettberg. Nicolaus worked for Quality Education Data (QED) as a Network Administrator and a Web Application Developer.

Nicolaus undertook a large server virtualization project shortly after joining QED. This was a complex project that involved the clustering and support of multiple SQL database servers that were critical to the operation of the organization. Nicolaus did an excellent job of planning and executing our transition to the new virtualized server environment. These changes reduced system down times, improved performance and reduced the administrative effort required by separate individual servers.

In addition to his duties as a Network Administrator Nicolaus worked as the lead software developer on one of our most important and visible products, School Guides Online. Nicolaus interfaced directly with the product manager and database developer to significantly extend the functionality of this product. Nicolaus also worked with our Marketing Services team to produce a number of HTML email campaigns for QED’s clients.

Nicolaus has proven himself to be a multi-talented and very capable member of the team at QED and would be a valuable addition to any organization.

Verlan Stephens
Director, IT
Quality Education Data

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I am looking for a Full Time position as a Software Engineer / VB.Net / T-SQL Developer or Systems / Network Administrator / SQL DBA.
Salary expectations $90,000/year.


Quality Education Data (QED), Inc. - A Scholastic Company
Verlan Stephens
IT Director
Direct Line: 303-209-9396
Phone: 303-469-8943

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