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This Letter of Recommendation covers the employment of Nicolaus Rettberg from December, 2002 through May 2004.
       Nicolaus is an accomplished web designer and has performed exceptional services for Benefit Management Systems, Inc. by developing a complex employee benefits web enrollment program.
       We highly recommend Nicolaus to anyone interested in securing the services of a web designer.

David Becklund,
President Benefit Management Systems, Inc.

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Objective - Resume Software Engineer:

I am looking for a Full Time position as a Software Engineer / VB.Net / T-SQL Developer or Systems / Network Administrator / SQL DBA.
Salary expectations $90,000/year.


Quality Education Data (QED), Inc. - A Scholastic Company
Verlan Stephens
IT Director

Quality Education Data (QED), Inc. - A Scholastic Company
Brian Smith
Software Developer

Market Data Retrieval (MDR), Inc. - A D&B Company
Nelson B. Heller, PhD
President, EdNET
MDR — A D&B Company

DMX-direct, Inc.
Paul del Toro
Dir, Special Projects

Benefit Management Systems (BMS), Inc.
Suzan Ferrell
Database Administrator

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