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Mr. Rettberg set up and administered a computer network that worked without interruptions. When problems arose, he was available at any hour and came immediately if necessary.
      His friendly and communicative nature impressed us and led to a very pleasant work environment."

Engineer Petra Harder
Lecturer, University Wuppertal, Germany

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Objective - Resume Software Engineer:

I am looking for a Full Time position as a Software Engineer / VB.Net / T-SQL Developer or Systems / Network Administrator / SQL DBA.
Salary expectations $90,000/year.


Quality Education Data (QED), Inc. - A Scholastic Company
Verlan Stephens
IT Director

Quality Education Data (QED), Inc. - A Scholastic Company
Brian Smith
Software Developer

Market Data Retrieval (MDR), Inc. - A D&B Company
Nelson B. Heller, PhD
President, EdNET
MDR — A D&B Company

DMX-direct, Inc.
Paul del Toro
Dir, Special Projects

Benefit Management Systems (BMS), Inc.
Suzan Ferrell
Database Administrator

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